ScreenChomp: The Nifty Whiteboard for Your iPad

I admit it: I am a gadget guy. I love new technology that helps me be more effective or efficient and big kudos if it can be used in a classroom situation to enhance learning for my students.

Made_for_iPadI came across a nifty app for those of you who like to incorporate your iPad into the sphere of your teaching. The ScreenChomp website touts their product, saying “this recordable whiteboard is just the canvas you need to jot your ideas down and share them – with the world, or just a friend or two.” And it is made with the educator in mind.

ScreenChomp is advantageous for those who might want to produce a brief tutorial to break down a complex problem into its more simple elements. It is useful for creating a short video to walk your students through an example problem. It is helpful for explaining difficulty ideas from outside your classroom or encouraging your students to peer teach. And best of all, it is free. Useful and free: two traits all of us as educators appreciate.

Creating a ScreenChomp video is as easy as tapping the record button, drawing on the canvas using one of multiple screen pens, and providing a running narrative that explains the process you are mapping or the problem you are solving. The program creates a web link that can be sent to others to view the recording on their computer.

There are two links that I would like to commend to you. The first is the website of ScreenChomp. It includes some descriptive text as well as a helpful tutorial video. If you would like read a review from another outside source of a professor who is using it in his classroom, check out this Faculty Focus post.

Community Input: Is anyone using this in their classroom? How are you utilizing it?


4 thoughts on “ScreenChomp: The Nifty Whiteboard for Your iPad

  1. Hi Antone, I happened to see you blog and have enjoyed reading your posts. I just sent a copy of this to my friend. We both have new iPads and are looking for good apps! 😉 Hope you are well . . . think of you often. Chris

    • C. Lincoln is gettin’ tech-ie! 🙂

      Thx for the comments. I really enjoy writing for it even if no one reads it. It is very therapeutic. I would love for you to do a guest post for me! If you have any ideas related to pedagogy (you can see my themes of my posts) I would love to have you. What do you think? Looking for something 500 words or so.

      • Ha ha–can’t see me saying writing is therapeutic! I’ll see if I can come up with something. Thanks for the opportunity. So loving summer right now!

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