Mathematics in Teaching: the Multiplication Factor of a Life Invested

Don’t worry all you math-phobes out there…this is not going to be a lesson in mathematics. Rather it is a reminder to all of you as teachers about the beauty of multiplication when it comes to teaching.

Overlooking the beaches of Guam with friends
Overlooking the beaches of Guam with friends

This  week I have been on the very beautiful island of Guam serving in Harvest Ministries for their faculty in-service week. My role was to present four workshops Monday through Wednesday to refocus, re-energize, remind faculty about how to have more engaging classroom environments where authentic learning can take place.

I really enjoyed my time at this ministry and came away filled as I was able to rekindle friendships with wonderful friends and like-minded individuals. And I came away with many new friends as well. One of the greatest joys I experienced was reconnecting with teachers at Harvest Christian Academy who I had taught as college students.

It was a great day to be able to see beautiful beaches and just catch up with both Matt and Nick, pictured above. I spent many class hours interacting with these two and investing into them over their years at Northland. I love hearing now how they love their students and are investing into them. These two are the real deal and they are effective with their kids, both in and out of the classroom.

I shared many good laughs and listened about their lives. To have taught them as education students and now seeing them hitting the home run in their classroom is quite a gratifying feeling. I was a small part of their training but I had the privilege to be a part nonetheless. And I came away recharged.

Amid the frustrating days and endless assignments to grade, remember above all that there will be those students who just “get it” and will reproduce your own passion with their own kiddos in the classroom and change the next generation. Top that. 


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