Want to Know What Teaching Should Look Like? Watch This.

I am amazed at the simple “everyday” that can can speak with such clarity and power. And I simply could not pass up this two-minute video as it beautifully illustrates what authentic and life-changing teaching should look like.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video just puts those thousand words on steroids.

Eight quick observations from this video for us as teachers today:

  1. This was not a 50-minute lecture by a dog on “pups walking down stairs.” And I get it, dogs cannot talk, but just roll with my analogy.
  2. The “student” learned by having the process modeled repeatedly by the “teacher.”
  3. The “teacher” took the “student” from what was known (the top of the stairs) to what was unknown (the bottom of the stairs). Great way to teach.
  4. The “teacher” brought the “student” along by getting on his/her turf when the student was unsure of the process.
  5. The “student” was given time to learn at his/her own pace.
  6. The “teacher” provided encouragement all along the way.
  7. The “student” was praised for his/her work.
  8. I always knew cats were lousy teachers.

And there you have it…learning at its finest. Nothing difficult or complicated…just a caring teacher who knows how learning occurs best. M-O-D-E-L.

I love the way John Milton Gregory puts it for us: “It may be taught by the use of words, by signs, by objects, by actions, or by examples; but whatever the substance, the mode, or the aim of the teaching, the act itself, fundamentally considered, is always substantially the same: it is the communication of experience.”

You go, teacher, and effectively communicate that experience today for your students. And watch learning abound.


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