Which Choice Will You Make as a Teacher? [Quote]

I came across this quote in a post by Michael Hyatt, and it has provided some helpful moments of reflection in a variety of venues.

We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret or disappointment.

Jim Rohn

In the realm of the classroom experience and your influence as a teacher, remember this: teaching which results in changed thinking and behavior is very much about intentionally moving towards and intentionally moving away from certain ideals, philosophies, and pedagogies. 

This post is not about which ideals, philosophies, and pedagogies those are – it is for you to do the hard work of disciplining yourself for what works in your own classroom. But I would suggest that you read often, research, network, collaborate, and be convinced that everything you do with your students is pointing them to success.

The pain of regret or disappointment is something all of us have experienced. But when it involves a young life and my facilitating his or her learning, that is a regret that I never want to have and a disappointment that I never want to face. I would rather confront the hard choices of being disciplined, for the pain of regret is always greater than the pain of discipline.

Community Input: What are your thoughts about this quote?


2 thoughts on “Which Choice Will You Make as a Teacher? [Quote]

  1. I too would much rather deal with the pain of disciplining myself or being discipline by someone in authority, than have to look back at my years of teaching and regretting how I used the opportunity to pour into some student’s life. Ours is a profession that reaps great rewards, but could be a disaster for the next generation if we don’t do what we purpose to do.

    i appreciate those who have purposefully led me as I was teaching, so that I might improve in many ways. I’m thankful to God that He can take my mistakes and still work in the students for His glory. That makes the times when I do have regrets, where I realize that I could have done something differently and perhaps accomplished more in some area or other, less painful as God knows I’m far from perfect. That said, I’d still rather grow and discipline myself, than look back and see that I had failed my kids.

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