Successfully Navigating Transition As A Leader

Transition is never easy. Though we like things to change, we also do not like things to change. We do not want to fall into the proverbial wagon ruts, but yet we can often find safety and a sense of stability in those ruts.

Photo courtesy of digitalart |
Photo courtesy of digitalart |

Right now I find myself in a state of transition. After 11 fruitful and stretching years, God is clearly moving me on from the college at which I have had the privilege to be a part. There is an excitement and anticipation within me of asking “So…what is next?” while at the same time I find myself climbing the mountains of anxiety or sinking into the valleys of discouragement. The unknown has too much “unknown-ness” at times for my liking.

Transition is painful at times, but I have to say it has been a good process for me. As a sculptor with a piece of stone, God has been carefully and systematically chiseling away at the rough spots in my life.

I do not have a great manifesto to lay out today but rather just a simple principle that can help you be a more stable and intentional leader while going through your own transitional time.

I was reading yesterday from a favorite book of mine, the book of Romans in chapter four. You probably know the story well. Abraham and Sarah are both way past those years of childbearing and yet God discloses that they will have a child. The passage says this of Abraham:

“No unbelief made him waver concerning the promise of God, but he grew strong in his faith as he gave glory to God.”

What arrested my attention was that Abraham’s faith grew AS he gave glory to God. I am not sure I have ever made that connection before – and I also wondered if the opposite was true as well. And that is, does my faith weaken or is it made small as I minimize God’s glory in my life? And how can I minimize His glory? By simply having a small view of God and not trusting that what He has said is true. Faith grows small as a result.

Like myself, you may be in your own time of transition. And the truth that I speak to you is the same truth I speak to myself: though we are told to “just have faith” or “have greater faith,” the fact is that my faith will grow as I make much of God and simply trust that what He says in the Bible is true. I cannot just “believe harder.”

Here is what I find:

  • Transition happens.
  • Trust God. Trust His truths.
  • God is glorified.
  • Faith is strengthened.
  • Waiting happens…and waiting happens…and…
  • God leads out of transition to new opportunities.
  • Repeat process.

Like I said, this is a simple truth, but it has helped my own perspective when my current path has ended and yet I do not know which path to take next. I too will grow strong in my faith as I give glory to God. And this makes for authentic leadership.


16 thoughts on “Successfully Navigating Transition As A Leader

    • I appreciate your prayers, Chris. These are good times, though challenging. There are things I thought I knew, but God is helping me relearn them.

      Good school year for you? You doing well?

  1. Good thoughts, Antone. While it was not easy for us to transition out of Northland, God clearly led all the way. We learned life changing lessons that would not be possible otherwise.

  2. Great message here. May times as transitions in life come about, it’s the times that we truly trust God enough to go on glorifying Him that we really grow in faith. Praying for you as you transition.

    By the way, it’s Romans 4 not 5.

  3. Thank you for sharing from the heart Antone. I remember our transition from Northland was not easy, but God provided. His goodness goes with us throughout every transition. I Will be up In the area the end of July, would love to reconnect. Miss our camping trips and fellowship together.

  4. Antone, this is Sue Bjorkman…what an article. One that is simple but so profound…you for one have never had “small faith” your family are the best “testimony” and the love you have for your wife, Stefani, your children, and people…are the evidence of your life. It is evident that you and your family…all of them speak of the fact that you truly believe the Word and that life is not about “you” but about Him. We are bought with a price and that is the blood of Christ, our life is His and the rest you know…glorify Him. Whatever you do Antone…and wherever you go…they will be blessed to have the Goyak family! I love all of you and thank God for you.

  5. Antone, it was good to see the article. I just happened to be on Linkedin and saw it. Drop me a line or give me a call sometime. Would love to catch up and hear your thoughts on directions you are considering. Talk to you later.

  6. Hey Rick – good to hear from you. So where has God placed you and your family?

    As for us, my last day at Northland was 5/30. It was a good 11 years and I leave on good terms with the school and embracing its vision and philosophy. God shaped my life much there but God has made it clear that it is just the end of one season and the start of another. Not sure what God has next but looking to stay in some form of education or administration. We love our church and are very involved and I just do not think God is done with us here yet. Also, Claire (our youngest) has just two years of high school left. Courtney is leaving for college this year (Colorado Christian University) and AJ and his wife are in Colorado. Claire is in the local public school and has been for the last two years. It has been really good for our family in terms of opportunities and Gospel light. Plus Stef was offered a FT teaching position there this year. So God seems to be leading in keeping us here, I just need the Lord to provide a job for me.

    That is where things are currently. I am working a couple of leads and hopeful one of them will produce some FT work. But learning much as God is helping me to depend fully on Him as He weeds out of my life things I do not need and gives me a better view of Him.

    Good to hear from you! Hope all is going well for you and the fam.

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