This Free Productivity Tool Has Become A “Must Have” for Me

I have tested and tried several productivity apps/tools over the years and have read many blog posts about the topic of “getting more done.” Today I would like to introduce you to one that has worked its way into my “Top Ten” listing because of its price, utility, and support features.

Photo courtesy of Bokehlicia

Not too long ago I finished an intriguing book about how the Gospel and productivity should be viewed together. The name of the text was What’s Best Next: How the Gospel Transforms the Way You Get Things Done.

I wrote about some of these fascinating concepts in What If Your View of Productivity is Wrong? Matt Perman, the author of the text, says that “we are to put productivity practices and tools in the service of God’s purpose for us, which is that we do good for others, in all areas of life, to his glory.”

When productivity is viewed on the bigger scale of effectively serving others, it does create a larger sense of urgency that how I am getting things done is fairly critical in my life. It is not just about having a checklist – it is how you are able to serve your fellow neighbor.

I always appreciate when others share life-hacks with me, and so I am passing on the love today.

Why I use Wunderlist

I used to use Outlook religiously for tracking my tasks and prioritizing them. But Outlook can be complicated to use if you are not familiar with some of the internal coding. It does not work well out of the box. So allow me to introduce you to Wunderlist.

Wunderlist is a free productivity tool that allows you to track those things that need to be done each day. There are five “thumbs-up” comments that I would like to highlight:

  • It is super easy to use.
  • It has helpful support.
  • It allows me to categorize my lists for personal or work-related items.
  • It has a helpful “Today” view that only shows me what I want due for any given day.
  • It allows me to add detailed notes so that everything I need to recall is part of my Wunderlist task.

Wunderlist is easy to use

One reason I am using Wunderlist is because it is intuitive to use and it does not have 1001 extra features that I am not going to use anyway. Simple. Compact. I like that. I can sync Wunderlist between my phone and my laptop so that I can see what needs to get done even on the go.

I can create tasks by typing them into the program or by selecting an icon and speaking a task that gets converted to something stored on Wunderlist. I can select the date on which I want the task to start showing up. In addition, another handy innovation is the ability to have tasks show up each week, each month, or create my own frequency for repeating.

Wunderlist has helpful support

For a free tool, Wunderlist has some great support. I have emailed their support team and received replies back within a few days. They also have a dedicated support site for me to type in a question and view their database of answers. And many of their answers have videos that walk you through your question to a solution.

Wunderlist allows me to categorize my lists

I do not really care for using five tools for five different things. I personally like the one-tool-for-all-needs type of tool. I did a screenshot of my Wunderlist site: I have categories for my work, my personal life, birthdays to remember, and another category for some online teaching that I do. It allows me to compartmentalize areas that actually need it.

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 9.48.33 AM

Wunderlist allows me to see just what is due today

This is a feature that really sold me. I do not like the concept of a list where if I have to see everything at one time – too overwhelming. I want to see just what I need to think about today. Wunderlist already has a “Today” feature built in so that I can click on “Today” and only see what I want to think about for any given category for today. It also shows me what is overdue by putting that item in red with its past due date.

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 10.05.13 AM

Wunderlist allows me to add detailed notes

When I create a task, sometimes it is helpful to be able to enter information so that when the task comes due, it has detailed notes for me to work off of. In the picture below, you can see that I can add web links that I may need to reference, add in external files or add additional notes.

Overall, I give Wunderlist high ratings. I use this tool every day to help me get a glimpse of what needs to happen today versus what just needs to happen at some point. I can push out due dates so that I am only able to see what I want to think about for today.

It has made me more efficient so that I am better able to serve those around me.

Give Wunderlist a try and see how “Wunder”-fully (sorry, couldn’t resist) it takes the pressure out of having to remember everything there is to do at work or even the three things I need to get at the grocery store.

What’s stopping you from being more productive?



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