Here’s to the New Kid on My Block

I like fresh perspective.

I like being reminded of things that I do not want to necessarily forget, but over time get pushed into the clutter of other thoughts like an overcrowded junk drawer.


Fresh perspective

This week I got back some fresh perspective as Preston Henry Goyak was born on Tuesday evening into our lives.

My first grandson was born.

How do you love someone so much when you have never even met them? I found out pretty quickly.

As am I writing this post, little man cub has experienced about 144 hours of life – 6 days on this earth. Tomorrow he is one week old. And I think he is absolutely amazing.

And yet, there is nothing he must do to earn my favor. He just is. He exists and I love him. And as I was riding in the back seat with him the other day, the thought occurred to me how new everything is to him. Granted, he’ll have no recollection of his first days in this big world, but everything is still very new.

Everything is new. Everything is fresh.

Mom and dad, family, trees, buildings, cars, love – all new, all freshly experienced.

This week I am out in Denver with my wife getting a memorable dose of this new and little 8-pound life. Sitting in a comfy chair with him cuddled on my chest, asleep to all that is around him…it does not get much better. And I want to get all the time I can get with this little dude.

How do you keep a fresh perspective?

And as I am thinking through this post, I have but one thought to push your way: intentionally surround yourself with people, books, and ideas that force you into fresh perspectives, a new way of looking at something, an alternate vantage point that perhaps you have never considered. 

Why? Because when that happens, I am inclined to stand still in both mind and body and reflect and contemplate. And this week I am experiencing one such event by having a brand new man cub enter my life and totally grab my heart and affections.

It was a good reminder for me. A reminder that my default many times is just to pursue the familiar, the routine, the commonplace. And as comfortable as those make me feel, they are typically just the default, and default does not take any effort or intentionality. It just happens. And my own blind spots veil my mind from that which I need to lead with courage and authenticity.

And so here is to new life, fresh perspectives, and to things that simply take your breath away – like a new grandson.


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