Do You Struggle Memorizing Scripture Verses? Try This. It Works.

I’m getting old and my memory is failing me. 

Sounds like a tag line from a “Forgetters Anonymous” group.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles |
Image courtesy of Stuart Miles |

I have an app for anything

With the enhancements in technology, I feel as if there is not much that I need to actually remember these days.

Need to get milk from the store? Just tell Siri to set up a reminder.

Need to have a birthday reminder? Just set it up in Wunderlist to remind me each year.

Need a Bible verse when you only can remember 3 or 4 words? I have an app for that too.

Come on…seriously, what do I even need to remember these days?

Long gone for me are the days of the sticky note. They just give me a visual reminder of what the clutter in my head looks like.

As helpful as a bible app is, the truth is that they are excuses at times to not be memorizing God’s Word. But the stark reality is that I need to have the truths of scripture freely flowing through the recesses of my mind to combat the bombardment of false thinking that intrudes into my day.

I need to remember God’s truths. I need a fixed point. An anchor for my thoughts.

 I have stored up your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you. (Ps. 119:11)

 I will meditate on your precepts and fix my eyes on your ways. (Ps. 119:15)

You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you. (Isa. 26:3)

And many other verses support the statement that we need to be memorizing and remembering Truth. Why? Because it is the only thing that I can put into my life that can combat error, shape me, correct me, and give me an accurate sense of reality of who God is and who I am. It is the Gospel at work in me, even when I may not realize it.

The problem is that it is difficult for me to memorize anything anymore. It is not that I don’t want to memorize scripture, it just…well…doesn’t happen.

This life hack you will appreciate

Have you ever heard of a “life hack”? A life hack is simply a skill or tool that helps to solve an everyday problem. It is something that increases productivity or efficiency.

I love life hacks.

And I like finding worthwhile tools and passing them on to my readers. Michael Hyatt calls it “foraging for his tribe.” Great mental picture.

And so let me pass on to you a recent life hack that I found for helping me memorize scripture.  I have tested it for a couple of weeks now and love it.

In a word, it is a impressive.

An effective tool for memorizing verses

I recently came across ScriptureTyper, which touts itself as the best way for memorizing scripture. If you just want the skinny on it without having to research it yourself, here are some highlights for you:

  • you can use their website or access it on your iPhone or Android devices, including Kindles and iPads.
  • you can memorize in the translation of your choice as it comes with 10 different Bible translations to suit your needs.
  • it comes pre-stocked with over 50 categories of verses such as Faith, Forgiveness, Giving, Hope, and Peace.
  • you learn verses through typing the first letter of each word, broken down into three steps.

Let me walk you through how I am learning a verse right now. Let’s look at Psalm 37:3-5, dealing with trust.


First of all, I see the verse in its entirety and I simply type the first letter of each word. This is the Type It mode.

Once I am comfortable typing the verse, I then go to the second stage. In this step, I am shown every other word and I type in the entire verse, including the words that are showing and the words that are not. This is the Memorize It stage.


In the final stage, I am given a blank screen on which to type. In this example, I am typing the verse from memory. When I type a letter of a first word that is not correct, my device buzzes and the incorrectly chosen word turns red. A verse is considered to be mastered when I get at least 90% of the text correct. This is the Master It stage.


And once you master it, ScriptureTyper stores it for future review and it automatically tells me when I need to review the verse again. The more I review it, the further out it pushes the next review time.

I’ve bought into it and now want to share it with you, my readers.

Here are 7 reasons that this system is really working well for me

  1. I do not have to write out the verse on a card.
  2. I can choose a single verse that I like or work through a collection of verses that ScriptureTyper already has for me.
  3. I always have some electronic device on me and so it makes it easy to practice verses on the fly.
  4. The visual of looking at the verse and typing in the words has made for a much easier method for me to memorize. I am memorizing with much more effectiveness, confidence, and ease than I have in the past. It no longer takes me a week to remember something like “For God so loved the world….”
  5. Even though ScriptureTyper sets the next time it will remind me to review a given verse, I can review it anytime I want, as many times as I want.
  6. It literally takes just a couple minutes a day to work through a verse or set of verses. We all have a couple of minutes.
  7. And for those of you who like the pat on the back, it even rewards you with points when you review all your verses or even master a verse. Sometimes we just need a little encouragement in our day.

Give it a try! The free version allows you to learn up to 50 verses and after that you have to turn “pro” which means you have to pay $9.99 for the full version. There are a few other small whistles that are not included in the free version, but by and large they have not been needed by me. Free is good and this free version gets the job done. I highly recommend it.

But I expect I will be putting out the $10 soon, which gives access to memorizing as many verses as I can handle. I am looking for a system that I can stick with for the long haul, and ScriptureTyper seems to be it.

Perhaps you have your own memory system for inserting truth into your head. I just have not found one as helpful as ScriptureTyper.

It is super easy to use, it is built with the user in mind, and it is both useful and practical. And it more permanently puts into my thinking the Truth that I so desperately need.

And we all could use more of that.


One thought on “Do You Struggle Memorizing Scripture Verses? Try This. It Works.

  1. ?Dr. Goyak,

    I just wanted to shoot you a quick message to let you know that I read your blog quite often and find myself encouraged and challenged by many of your posts. (I get emails to my NI account each time you post since taking you classes at Northland) Thank you!

    Daniel and I think of you often and are so thankful for the way you impacted us as students, individuals, and as a couple. Thank you so much for being one of the best professors we had during our time at Northland!

    Are you all still in WI? We are currently in Chicago, but will be moving to NY within the next month. It would be awesome if the Lord allowed our paths to cross again!

    In Christ,

    Heidi Rupp


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