Reading For Your Leading

I like to read and listen to Michael Hyatt. He has helpful articles on a wide variety of topics and weekly podcasts that both challenge me and provoke new thought.

One of his phrases that he likes to use is “forage for his tribe.” In other words, he likes to do the work of looking for articles and resources and then passing them on to his tribe. He gleans hundreds of articles in order to pass along the best and most helpful of what he encounters.


I would like to do the same for you. I have mentioned in prior blog posts how much I enjoy reading – books, articles, and other’s blogs. And so as I encounter something that I think might be of benefit to you as my readers, I will accumulate them and put them in a post. I subscribe to several other blogs and as I find a gem, I will note it to be sure I pass along to you.

I am calling these posts “Reading for Your Leading.” The photo that I am using for these posts is symbolic of what reading does for me: it serves as a set of keys that unlocks perspectives, ideas, relationships, truths, and new paradigms.

I will only include three links at a time and it will be sent toward the end of the week.

Why three? Three is doable. I can scan or read three posts pretty quickly. Three does not feel like an avalanche of new reading. They are simply for your enjoyment to help you in your own leadership and influence, to challenge ideas, and to push against thought.

Reading that impacts.

I will not have any commentary. Just a brief note about new resources for you to peruse. And they will be in the same vein of what you would typically read from my blog.

So I hope you enjoy. Here are my first three.


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