A Father’s Day Blessing

Happy Father’s Day to those of you who are fathers. What a great idea God had when He thought of the whole concept of father.

I am father and my son is now a father. Which means I am a grandfather. Talk about awesomeness on steroids. And my son is one good father – I respect him greatly.

This video made me chuckle. A lot of truth in its humor.

We take for granted many things. And so today is just pause, reflect, and give thanks. Fathers are not perfect and I certainly have my full share of issues. But today is to honor.

And so here is my question…

Think about your father, or father figure. Mine left this earth last year and today is with Jesus.

And think of one word that would describe your dad and leave me a comment of what that one word is.

Mine? “Intentional.” My dad was always intentional in making sure I was well-equipped with truth. And I value that.

What one word would describe your dad?

Happy Father’s Day.


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