Reading for Your Leading | Week of June 29

Three great reads for you from my past week.


4 Steps to Making Great Decisions Every Time – by Tyler David

Do you struggle with making decisions? Do many options only cause you to go into analysis paralysis? Read on…this is a great article for you then.

The ‘Screwtape Letters’ on Gratitude, Discontentment, and the Focus of the Christian Worker – by Jessica Schaeffer

A powerful quote from the first line sums it up well:

Aspiring to improve in your work can be genuinely healthy and God-honoring. Focusing on ‘climbing the ladder’ can be a great hindrance to working unto the Lord and a relentless thief of joy.

You’re Not a Leader If You Never Say You’re Sorry – by Eric Geiger

Simply put – humility always wins the day. Do an assessment of yourself. Are you quick to apologize and own up to issues that occur? You are severely hindering your leadership if you do not.


2 thoughts on “Reading for Your Leading | Week of June 29

  1. The first article especially reminds me of who I was feel and the process that God brought me too back in April & May as we moved through our options for the changes in children’s ministry! and we are still in this process with every planning session as we refine the details! God is faithful! So, if you think the window coverings can definitely happen (for ~$300) and maybe a quiet fan like Courtney’s if the AC can’t happen, I’ll be talking with the team about “painting” needs in that room which hasn’t been painted at all since way before 1984 when I came on the scene and it looked just like it does today!

    Blessings, Shirley

  2. Thanks Shirley – yes I thought that was a great first article as well.

    We’ll chat more next week on the paint, etc. and see what we can do to move forward.

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