Reading for Your Leading | Week of July 6

Three great reads for you from my past week.


No, You Don’t Need to Be Great at Everything – and Why You Shouldn’t Even Try – by Michael Hyatt

Why is that sometimes I feel as if being the leader means I have to do everything well? That only leads to constricting my teammates and subpar outcomes. But what if authentic leadership meant primarily doing those things where my greatest contribution lies? Then everyone thrives.

Rethinking Social Justice: A Call to Restore Biblical Compassion – by Hugh Whelchel

If we are not careful, a biblical cry for social justice can get take on a skewed view of how the Bible talks about compassion.

The Enemy’s Top 5 Tactics – by Dan Reiland

There are reasons that blind spots are called just that. The author gives some great clarity on 5 tactics the enemy employs to prevent biblical fruit in our lives in order to accomplish chaos. Read on.


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