Reading for Your Leading | Week of July 13

Three great reads for you from my past week.


Managing Expectations as a Leader – by Dan Reiland

It can be frustrating when expectations are not met. How you respond is even more important.

A Word on Vocation and Commitment from Lewis and Tolkien – by Greg Ayers

It says a lot about a man or woman in how they view their vocation, their calling. Though a short read, this provides some fresh thought on honing in to what God has called us and how we should view that calling.

Six Questions on Men and Women Serving Together – by Eric Geiger

God made men and women different by design. How we work together successfully is very much premised on how we understand the opposite gender in a work setting. If you work at all with the opposite sex, this is an insightful read.


2 thoughts on “Reading for Your Leading | Week of July 13

  1. good posts, Antone, thanks! I’m enjoy and benefiting from the way you are investing in mentoring the expanded leadership team at RH. In all my years here, I think this is the 1st time someone on the Pastoral leadership team has regularly invested in my growth as a leader. Thanks!

  2. Glad they are of help to you, Shirley. That is encouraging to hear. There are a lot of great articles out there and I am grateful they are impacting you. Thanks for reading!

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