Reading for Your Leading | Week of July 20

Three great reads for you from my past week.


11 Ways to Earn Respect at Work – by Peter Daisyme

Earning the respect of our coworkers gives us greater opportunities for the Gospel. Here are 11 great reminders about garnering trust and respect among those with whom you work.

Be Effective Not Busy – by Rob Hurtgen

Everyone says they are busy. Can can you also say that you are effective? This is a good read to challenge the differences between productivity and effectiveness and help us understand the better model to purse biblically.

Applying Stewardship to Our Relationship with God – by Elizabeth Moyer

Stewardship is vitally important to understand if we are going to be effective leaders who influence others and shape thought. But what about stewarding our relationship with God? I had not really thought about that before but this author brings out some “pause and reflect” points for us in our leading.


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