Reading for Your Leading | Week of August 3

Here are three helpful articles to grow you in your own leadership perspectives.


Impulse Leadership – by Dan Reiland

What do you do on impulse as a leader? Have you thought how it affects those around you? This article makes some good points about the dangers of impulse leading.

Don’t Divide Your Christian Principles from Your Practical Decision Making – by Matt Perman

Oh the dichotomy of living my life as compartmentalized – I assent in my mind to the powerful principles of scripture but somehow those principles stay unattached from my day-to-day living. Perman gives some insightful reminders about how to more successfully live out our beliefs in the daily context of our life.

How Do You Fit into God’s Big Picture of Restoration? – by Greg Ayers

How do you fit into God’s big picture of restoration? How we view our work is critical to how we reflect the theme of restoration that we find in the Bible. God is about restoration in His work and so must we be.


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