Reading for Your Leading: Week of August 10

Here are three helpful articles to grow you in your own leadership perspectives.


Speaking Gracefully – One of the Great Joys of Leadership Under the Authority of Christ – by Glenn Brooke

What do you get angry about? Jesus gives us some great examples to follow. “He gets angry when people are interfering with other people’s ability to be in right relationship with God.”

Four Warning Signs You Are Not Listening to Your Team – by Eric Geiger

As a leader, I admit that I like to speak – give direction and create vision. But listening is so crucial for the success of my team. What are signs that perhaps you are not listening well as a leader?

8 Habits of Highly Effective Google Managers – by Henry Blodget

I like the emphasis of these “highly effective” traits because they are other-focused, meaning they are not about my development and success but rather other’s development and success. Good reminders on how to serve your team.


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