Reading for Your Leading | Week of August 17

Here are three helpful articles to grow you in your own leadership perspectives.


Being Gospel-Centered at Work – by Matt Perman

I have to admit that Matt just keeps challenging my thoughts about the Gospel and my work. His words resonate because our work was never meant to be apart from the Gospel.

Seven Practices of a Listening Leader – by Eric Geiger

Last week Eric had Four Warning Signs You Are Not Listening to Your TeamThis week he has a great post on how you know if you are being a good listener within your team. We all need to listen more.

Delivering the Answer No One Wants to Hear – by Dan Reiland

As leaders, one area we have to guard is what we say “Yes” and “No” to. If we do not know how to properly lead, it will not be long before we are being led. I like this quote from the article: “It is not only possible, it’s our responsibility to learn how to deliver the undesired response, and still leave the person encouraged and hopefully inspired.”


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