Reading for Your Leading | Week of August 31

Here are two helpful articles to grow you in your own leadership perspectives.


In my opinion, for those that believe in the Gospel of Jesus, we too easily dichotomize our work and our beliefs. Life can easily become compartmentalized where “Gospel” is in one box and “our work” in another. These two articles today challenged me to remember that the Gospel should radically inform how I view my vocation.

Have Christians Lost the Ability to Be in the World but Not of It? – by Hugh Whelchel

Excellent read. God uses our work to influence our culture. Nothing for the Christian is secular – all is sacred.

What Kathie Lee Gifford’s Testimony Has to Teach Us about Work – by Elizabeth Beshears

I think many of us were touched by the testimony of Kathie Lee Gifford following the sudden passing of her husband, Frank Gifford. This is a helpful post in reminding that all of us do have a platform and our vocation is something good that allows us to fulfill God’s purpose for us.


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