Reading for Your Leading | Week of September 7

Here are three helpful articles to grow you in your own leadership perspectives.


Speaking Gracefully: One of the Great Joys of Leadership under the Authority of Christ – by Glenn Brooke

Grace-filled speaking. Now there is something we all need more of today. The Gospel not only frees us from but frees us to.

Five Ways to Critique Without Crushing – by Eric Geiger

I think in the name of “love” we often avoid conflict or giving people feedback that is…well…less than positive. As a leader, honest feedback and dialogue is crucial to the success of those you lead. Here are five ways to critique so that you do not overwhelm another.

Stripping Away the Magic and Make-Believe from Our Vocations – by Dr. Vincent Bacote

Here is a thoughtful quote from the article: “There is a great, persistent temptation to treat our lives as a magic show where our vocations provide the fulfillment only God can really give us.”

This was an interesting read because for as much as we should talk about finding passion in all work that we do before God, we must always take care that our vocation does not rise to an idolatrous status.


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