Reading for Your Leading | Week of September 28

Here are three helpful articles to grow you in your own leadership perspectives.


5 Reasons People May Not Be Following Your Leadership – by Timothy Parsons

Too often we make the assumption that because we are a leader that people…well…naturally follow. But are you exhibiting traits that are making others reticent to follow what they observe?

Some Thoughts on the Reading of Books – by Albert Mohler

I am passionate about reading and I want others to be as well. Reading is one of the best habits we can cultivate that will help us be broader and deeper in our leadership. In this article, Dr. Mohler provides some helpful tips about how he makes reading more beneficial to his life.

Why is Theology Central to the Christian Life? – by Matt Perman

I hear well-meaning Christians make the statement, “Well, I am not a theologian, but….” The truth is that we are all theologians. We are just either good theologians or bad theologians. Though a short read, the author makes a clear case for why we need to be more grounded in this way of life that is founded on a the best message of all.


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