Reading for Your Leading | Week of October 12

Here are three helpful articles to grow you in your own leadership perspectives.


10 Acts of Kindness Remarkable People Perform Each Day – by Sherrie Campbell

If we are authentic leaders, then we should be caring about how we can make the days of those around us better and more encouraging. This article provides 10 thought-provoking ideas that add value to another’s day. And they are all just a changed mindset away.

A Leader’s Greatest Temptation – by David Drury

If you were to read this title and try to think of the answer, my guess is you probably would not get it. It certainly surprised me but was very insightful in helping me lead more effectively “in the moment.”

In Praise of an Uncommon Corporate Value – by John Kyle

Values that are modeled and emphasized will help shape the culture of a company. But what about the idea of a corporate value of warmth? I really like this article because it succinctly and carefully articulated the why behind this value. And I agree with it.


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