Reading for Your Leading | Week of October 19

Here are three helpful articles to grow you in your own leadership perspectives.


3 Great Ways to Make Your Workplace More Positive – by Shawn Murphy

Leaders have a great shaping influence on those they lead. Sometimes we are so much about getting things done, that we overlook how we can create an environment that helps others get things done. These three suggestions were ones, that I admit, I had not really heard before in this context. Very helpful insights.

6 Reasons Why Heaven is Not Our (Long-Term) Home – by Hugh Whelchel

If you are like me, you were probably caught off guard with the title. I was. This article had some powerful insights to the question “Why should I worry about work and impacting the culture around me when it’s all going to burn up anyway?” I have to remember correct theology in order to leave this question with a sound response.

3 Sins of Refusing to Rest – by Jenni Catron

I love productivity. Almost too much sometimes. It’s what many times helps me to feel satisfied in my day. And God gifted us with the ability to work. But what happens when the pendulum swings too far and I forget about the Sabbath rest that God calls me to? Three sins are mentioned that are worth your consideration.


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