Reading for Your Leading | Week of November 9

Here are three helpful articles to grow you in your own leadership perspectives.


Three Warning Signs Your Life Is Drifting From Your Mission – by Eric Geiger

Casting vision is essential as a leader. You must always be placing the vision in front of your people to generate excitement and action. But how do you know if you, the leader, are going stale with your vision? Read here to find out.

12 Questions Every Leader Needs to Ask Today – by Jason Vernon

Questions are great because they elicit thought and response. Here is a set of questions that you should be pulling out every few months to recalibrate yourself.

If Richard Dawkins is Right – by Bernard N. Howard

Ok, I confess, this is not a leadership article, but it is powerful. After reading this, you might be asking, “How could the story of the gospel be false?”


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