Reading for Your Leading | Week of November 16

Here are three helpful articles to grow you in your own leadership perspectives.


Seven Biblical Methods for Responding to Obstacles – by Elizabeth Moyer

Though we all know roadblocks will come in every area of life, they still can catch us by surprise sometimes. Here are seven tangible ways to deal with obstacles with supporting texts from the Bible.

Collaboration Is More Than “Everyone Plays Their Part” – by James Kinnard

Collaboration seems to be a big buzzword today in our working economy. In this article, the author presents two levels of collaboration. I tend to live at the first level, but need to step it up to the second level.

Thank God for Your Normal, Boring Life – by Kevin DeYoung

Our Western culture sends a very loud message about the “badge of busyness.” And boredom is to be shunned. But this article presents some reasons that are counter to the culture that give us a better theology of “the boring life.”


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