Reading for Your Leading | Week of December 7

Here are three helpful articles to grow you in your own leadership perspectives.


‘Fire, Food, and Drink’: The Art of Building Genuine Relationships – by Alexander Bouffard

We were built for community. Yet some struggle and think it too complex or too hard. This article clearly articulates the basic (and rather easy) elements of building community.

Productivity Tip: Ask “What’s Best Next?” – by Matt Perman

I really like Perman’s material. He is able to cut through all of the complexity of productivity and make it simple for all of us. Are you asking the right question about how to get things done?

How to Maximize Your Conversations This Holiday Season – by Michael Hyatt

Conversation to create community is a gift and skill set of leadership that must be developed. After all, if you are a leader, then you are desiring to have influence. In this post, Michael helps us understand some great ways to generate conversation around the table as you encounter friends and family during this holiday season.


2 thoughts on “Reading for Your Leading | Week of December 7

  1. I think I’ll write down some of these Holiday conversation starter questions to take with me to Traverse City for our 5 days with extended family and lots of “restaurant table” conversations during the week, at least with the person sitting by me!

    thanks for the idea!

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