Reading for Your Leading | Week of December 14

Here are three article in a variety of topics to grow you in your own leadership perspectives.


5 Reasons Leaders Must Constantly Clarify and Communicate Mission – by Eric Geiger

I have heard it said that when you think you have been talking about mission and vision too much, you are probably then just doing it enough. Keeping the vision in front of your constituents is life-breathing and this article gives five good reasons why it matters.

Weekly Planning Checklist – by Matt Perman

If you like to focus on productivity, I thought this brief article had a helpful overview of how to plan your week and make it work. Quick and easy-to-adopt tools.

How Do We Reflect God’s Radiance in Our Work? – by Austin Burkhart

Aren’t you glad that it is God’s design to use His children, common as they be, to share His message of redemption? And now we have the radiance of Jesus within us. And that means that as we enter our day for whatever vocation we are in, we can radiate three aspects of God’s character.


2 thoughts on “Reading for Your Leading | Week of December 14

  1. All the posts are inspiring, but I particularly love the reminder today to RADIATE God’s character in all I do! I’m always blessed when that is what the children see and it draws them to smile at me from a distance, to run to hug me in the narthex, to be eager to be in my classes! I trust it will always be God’s radiance and love that shines through me to them!

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