Reading for Your Leading | Week of December 21

Here are three article in a variety of topics to grow you in your own leadership perspectives for this week of Christmas.


The Intense Intimacy of Connection – by Art Lindsley

I have already read this article over multiple times. I have been burdened recently for my intimacy in my own prayer life with my Father God. This quote from the article is powerful:

Bibles read without prayer, sermons heard without prayer, marriages contracted without prayer, journeys undertaken without prayer, residences chosen without prayer, friendships formed without prayer, the daily act of prayer itself hurried over or gone through without heart — these are the kinds of downward steps by which many a Christian descends to a condition of spiritual palsy or reaches the point where God allows him to have a tremendous fall.

5 Mantras That Will Make You a Better Leader – by Rugger Burke

What is your internal driving force, your mantra? If you are not sure, here are five that will help make you a better leader.

5 Ways to Minimize Office Distractions – by Joseph Grenny

I have come to notice how easily distracted I can get with good things around me. If this is you, here are 5 solid suggestions to keep you more focused.


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