Reading for Your Leading | Week of January 4

Here are three articles to prod your thinking as we start this new year. Lead well!


What is the Meaning of Mission in Today’s World? – by James Clark

How you view your own vocation in terms of helping to accomplish THE mission is very important. When we think of our lives as just ordinary, we lose site of our part in God’s plan.

A Great Way to Start a Leadership Team Meeting – by Markus Watson

If you are part of any organization’s leadership, church or business, this article grabbed my attention. I think we have all sat through leadership devotionals to start up a meeting. Nothing wrong with those, but this article might be worth working over as a group.

Everything You Need to Know for Making an Annual Plan That Honors God and Gets Things Done – by Glenn Brooke

It’s a new year, and if you manage people, you probably have had at least a few thoughts about what the new year ahead should look like. Some interesting thoughts about the tension that exists between God’s will and our making plans.


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