Reading for Your Leading | Week of January 11

Here are three articles to prod your thinking as we start this new year. Lead well!


The 7 Characteristics of Servant Leadership – by Matt Perman

The term “servant leadership” is tossed around in both the Christian and secular workplace. It is important to define it because it is used by so many others with differing worldviews. This is one of the best and must succinct definitions and calls to action that I have read.

9 Strategies That Have Helped Me Pray – by Chuck Lawless

It is a new year and, by default, I start thinking about growth for the new year. Prayer always seems to be one of those focal points. And I agree prayer is not a task. But I do enjoy reading the practical wisdom of others to help shape my view of “what it looks like.” Helpful read.

How the “Instagram Effect” Filters Your Job Satisfaction (and What You Can Do about It) – by Jessica Schaeffer

We all know the saying about the grass being greener, but it creeps into our lives unaware – especially when it comes to our vocation. It is easy to compare and end up feeling like…well…your life is somehow less. Discontentment is some wonderfully fertile ground to grow some horribly nasty fruit. I thought this brief article had some creativity to it as it takes some common apps we use and extrapolates helpful truth.


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