Reading for Your Leading | Week of January 25

Here are three of the best takeaways from my recent reading. Enjoy!


21 Quick Leadership Reminders – by Brad Limerick

This is an easy read but the content is necessary to be mindful of if you want to be a leader of influence.

Sleep Deprivation Is Killing You and Your Career – by Travis Bradberry

If I am extra busy, what do I tend to want to trim first? My sleep. We treat sleep like a buffer we have for busyness. But the truth is that we are ruining our ability to critically think and effectively communicate when our bodies are deprived of sleep. 

Leaders Should Answer These Three Questions Daily – by Glenn Brooke

I admit that my day often begins with stepping on my daily treadmill of life and just jumping on with no thoughts of how to frame my day. These three questions are worth asking at the beginning of each day and knowing that you are framing your day with the right kinds of thoughts.


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