Are You Experiencing These Three Benefits of Community?

Our family is hitting several milestones this year: both my wife and I turn 50, Claire turns 18, Courtney turns 21, and my grandson turned 1.

And there was another big event as well…my youngest graduated from high school. And so my wife and I are transitioning into a new stage of life as parents. And one of those new stages is Claire is now going to college.



How is this possible? How is it possible that my little cutie, who was so immersed in the Barbie movies and American Girl Dolls as a young girl, is now getting ready to study interior architecture?

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Timely Leadership Lessons Working in a Grocery Story

I had a unique experience this weekend.

My daughter is part of her school’s student council (go Beecher-Dunbar-Pembine School District!) and my wife oversees the group. This weekend they had a fundraiser to raise monies for their group for teacher appreciation, school projects, as well as community outreach.

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Are You Hurting Others in Your Mentoring?

In the busy world in which we find ourselves, I get concerned with the lack of authentic mentoring that goes on. Are we doing enough?

We are asking this question in our own church. Who is going to raise up new leaders and how is that going to get done? What should the strategies be in this age of the Millennials? What are they looking for?

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5 Ways to Snuff out the Flame in Another’s Life

Ok, I’m coming out with it. I like candles and I enjoy burning them in my office.

And though I do enjoy this small pleasure of life, my only deep-seated question is how the CSOT (Candle Scent Origination Team) decides on names for candle scents, especially when the consumer is male.

I am not going to buy the “Lemon Flower” scent or the “Cranberry-Infused Pot Pouri” scent either (or whatever it was called). As a guy, I am looking for candle scents like “Baby-Back Ribs” or “Raging Camp Fire with S’mores.” Continue reading

3 Ways the Marketing of Steve Jobs Is Still Relevant to You as a Leader

Last week I relayed a frustrating personal customer service situation and discussed 4 Consequences When People Are No Longer the Center of Your Service. In this post, I would like to communicate three essential facets of service that were critical to the late Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple.

These could very well create a paradigm shift in changing your relationship between you and your customer, whether they might be in a business, church, or school setting.
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