How Transformation Happens in a Life: 8 Elements of Authentic Learning

Have you ever wondered why transformation does not happen in your life as you would like? Or why authentic learning does not happen among individuals or students in a manner that changes thought or action? Read on and let me offer you some helpful insights.

We can get discouraged but the truth is that we may just need to tweak our process.

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The Rear-View Mirror of Leadership

It has been said that hindsight is always 20-20. For me, the physical representation of that idea is the rear-view mirror. Most often, this unheralded piece of equipment is primarily used to keep a look at what is going on behind you for ensuring safety with current decisions. But have you ever thought about the rear-view mirror of your life that can be used for effective leadership in your own decisions or in your classroom? Continue reading

Why Leaders Fail in Their Communication, and What to Do About It

Have you ever read the story of Chicken Little? Henny Penny believes imminent disaster is at hand when an acorn falls on her head, convincing her that the sky is falling. If you know the story, Henny Penny and her friends come to an abysmal end at the hand (or paws) of Foxey Loxey. If you were to look at the leadership and communication techniques of Henny Penny, there was little to be desired. Her tale could have really been titled “Chicken Little: Why I Ran Around Like My Head Was Cut Off.” Continue reading

Happy Father’s Day: My Dad as Mentor and Teacher

It was about 3.5 months ago on February 27 that my father and friend passed away. As with many who leave this earth, it was sudden and caught us all by surprise. Though I have no doubt that he is enjoying eternity in heaven, it is a bit surreal to be celebrating my first Father’s Day without my dad in the picture. And so I commemorate this post to Antone Henry Goyak. Continue reading

The Calling Voice [Quote]

I read a quote yesterday in one of the blogs that I subscribe to and it so articulated my own thought that I just could not say it any better. Each of us is designed by God for a calling, and as a teacher, we use metaphors such as “gardener” to illustrate the hidden agenda of the classroom. Students may walk into and out of our classrooms but we take great joy, that over time, our contribution was to help each student find their own point of gladness and contribute to something bigger than their own self as they get older. Fredrick Buechner says it this way: Continue reading