My “Everyday Carry” for Leadership (Part 3)

In recent weeks, I have been discussing that necessary gear, tangible or intangible, that is helping me be a more effective leader. I call them my “everyday carry” items for leadership. Part 1 is an ensemble of readings and writings that are making a dent in my thinking. Part 2 articulated four character traits that I deem absolutely essential to “getting it done.”


In part 3 today, I want to share with you four apps that are giving me the ability to manage my day as well as interactions with others. And these apps have both desktop and mobile versions available which give some nice multi-platform functionality.

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Why Todoist Has Turned out to Be My New Task Management System

I recall 30-35 years ago when I was a teen and my dad worked in the concrete construction business. He was a foreman and would travel from job to job to check in on his guys and the progress of their work. I worked a couple of summers and got to ride around with him.


The crews loved him. Beyond his care for them as people, he was super organized in his work. He knew details, remembered conversations, and made things happen. These were also the days before smartphones and task management apps. 

So what did he use? I distinctly remember. 

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